Yvonne and Mike
I was so honored to have Yvonne as my wife. Yvonne was the nicest, brightest most gorgeous
The first thing that I noticed when I met Yvonne was she radiated love and while at first I
would try to be the only one touched by this love, I soon realised that Yvonne's love was so
great that she could love everyone  that she came into contact with.
As I learnt this I was pleased that I had the most time with her. Not one day did we spend
apart in 24 years of marriage and every day I told her I loved her and she did the same.

My Vonny, we met in 1968; I felt Yvonne was out of my league. She was strikingly stunning
both inside and out. I was  so proud when she allowed me to court her. I wanted to protect
and look after her. She told me in later years, that this was the first time she really felt love.

The day she walked into my life it was as though I had been born again. We met in a pizza
bar, Yvonne was 18 and I was 21. She at first came over as an extremely confident young lady.
She was however hiding behind a thin veneer and was very vulnerable, and I sensed she was
in need of love. I knew I would have to work hard to gain her trust as Yvonne was unable to
put all her eggs in one basket and as I got to know her I realized why.

Yvonne had had a good education and she spoke with an enchanting voice. When we met she
was studying speech to gain a Lamda Gold Award. While she was studying for this award she
would rehearse in front of me. There are two  poems I particularly remember and I was always
mesmerized with them. Ode to Autumn - Yvonne's favourite season and Warning, When I am
old I will wear purple -, which is Yvonne's favourite colour.

Now sadly she won't get old.

When we were courting a treat would be a bag of chips in Stratford. Yvonne would feign as to
not being hungry so as Mike could eat his fill first.

She was going to university to study theology and public media. I was scared that would be
the end of our short relationship so I offered to go and live and find a job close to her
university. She decided to take a year out and she went to college instead.

I love you Yvonne. You have made me happy and sad, content and restless. Every day that I
got cross or angry or failed to to something for or with you, like wathing our wedding video
recently, I regret.

Yvonne, I hoped we would have 40 more years together. God must have a really important role
for you.

You will live forever in my heart and the hearts of everyone you touched.

Meeting Yvonne was the start of my life. Before we met I was not happy or secure. She cared
for me and I for her. We had very little money but both had absolute love and although we
only had 27 years together we were really content to be with each other forever.

Yvonne had the highest level of natural empathy and intelligence. She was able to adjust to
every environment.

If we went out with friends to a party we would quite often separate so as to talk to other. At
the end of the party we loved being back together having cuddles. She looked after me an
nurtured me. We had regrets, especially not being able to have children, not that we didn't
have a good 'go'.

We were told that the chances of having our own child was very low. With this in mind we
embarked upon the adoption program. This was another bridge to cross for Yvonne and
necessitated her to research her family tree. Although the adoption process had to be
abandoned when Yvonne was first diagnoes with cancer she was forever grateful that it led to
her being united with her brother Michael.

I used to call Yvonne my Gillette - for those who don't remember the advert - The best a man
can get.
"Surely anyone of us can spare a little time, even
it's only five minutes to help others."