Demons and Diamond
Beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside. Yvonne did however
Yvonne did however battle with her demons. She talked about She 'should not have been
born' and 'that she was rejected at birth and again when her adopted father left'. While
sorting paperwork out for Mike, knowing that she would not be here much longer, Yvonne
said 'soon I will not exist'.

Having thought long and hard to understand how a person who had such extreme pressure
from such a young age became so brilliant in so many ways I think the answer is that she was
a diamond.

Diamond is an excellent word to describe Yvonne.

The brightest of precious stones. Formed under extreme pressure. Flawless with endless

Able to be colorless but able to reflect and amplify light.
"Surely anyone of us can spare a little time, even
it's only five minutes to help others."