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Yvonne's five minute angels doesn't have any other funding other than donations from
The first money we had received was from Yvonne's funeral.
Other funding we've received was from Waitrose (£140) and fundraising events which we've
organised in coordination with The Holistic Practice (open days, meditations).
We tried to raise money via fundraising pages but unfortunately if you don't reach the target
they will not send you a penny (for example: our target was £200 but in 2 weeks we raised
just £100 so they didn't send anything to the charity).
"Surely anyone of us can spare a little time, even
it's only five minutes to help others."
How to donate?
1. Fundraising events

At the moment we are running Meditations every Thursday from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at The
Holistic Practice. You can give your donations to our purple pots.
Every fundraising event will be announced on our website or Facebook page.
2. Silver angel
3. Pay pal

Our pay pal account will be set up soon.
Full name:
Silver Angel
Cheque to "Yvonne's five minute angels" by post
2 Angels (minimum donation  £55)
Collect at The Holistic Practice
By post
The Angel will be sent to you or you can collect it,
when we receive your payment.
1 Angel (minimum donation  £30)