"Surely anyone of us can spare a little time, even
it's only five minutes to help others."
...from life
"Yesterday I put my 5 minute angel into practice. I
got talking to a old man who was very upset and
depressed I offered to listen and talk to him about
his feeling he was so grateful of the 15 minutes I
spent taking to him. He now has my phone number
to talk if he needs any company."
"My angel lives in the most important room in my
home and it reminds me every day that I am an
angel and I have to carry forward what I learnt on the
course to people I come across daily.

People that visit me ask what it is and I then inform
them of the principles of being a 5 minute angel.
Which hopefully They can then carry forward.

I decided to put it here mainly because it is too
important to lose and I didn't trust myself to keep it
safe whilst I am out and about! I am always losing
things and I would have been very upset if this is
something I lost. I see it every day as I spend most of
my time in the kitchen so it is in a very important