Yvonne's passing
Yvonne had done everything in her power to help make her passing as easy for me as she
could. She diligently took her name off bills, transferred bank accounts into my name as well
as the cars and lots of other things.

Yvonne's final passing was gentle.

Earlier that evening Yvonne's brother Michael, her best friend Alison and their partners were
with her.
Yvonne was tired but still making every effort to stay alert and talk and listen. She had
moments of that and was always with love.

About four hours before she died, I asked Yvonne whether she would like Father Michael to
pray with her. A simple yes was the response and Father Michael and Father David came up
and prayed. I know that Yvonne took great comfort from this.

Yvonne went into a deep sleep.

She did not say goodbye to her guests which was unusual. All of you know Yvonne's
goodbyes. They were never short.

When Alison, Mandy, Michael and Paul went home, I lay on the bed with Yvonne and Missy
and I held Yvonne's hand and she responded by grasping mine and I went to sleep. I woke 45
minutes later; it was as if she had told me to wake up.

I was still holding Yvonne's hand and I looked over at Yvonne and her breathing was so gentle
and she was at peace after her illness.

Yvonne came into this world not wanted but went out of it having experienced true happiness
and surrounded by so much love.
"Surely anyone of us can spare a little time, even
it's only five minutes to help others."