Yvonne's influence
Yvonne may well have shared her 5-minute rule with you.
Never pass a person that needs a chat, it may be 5 minutes of time to you but it may be the
only time they have a chat that day.

Yvonne was so organised, she had to be so she could keep in touch with so many people. She
would always try to help, advise and love. Her advice would be proper advice tailored to the
person and not her bias.

Yvonne would always encourage other people to take centre stage and support them in their

Yvonne was the bravest, bubbliest, organised and culnerable person. A real living angel.

Yvonne's phone contains names of people she meat along the way. She used to phone people
she knew lived on their own every day to check they were ok.

She spent time phoning and texting to make sure people were ok even in her last few days,
always showing concern and giving time and love to others.

If Yvonne was aware that someone had a problem she would do everything she could to
support them.

We all know that she will live on in our lives and hearts forever. But, through the Foundation
that it is set up in her name, she will continue to change the lives of people who were never
lucky enough to meet her in person.
"Surely anyone of us can spare a little time, even
it's only five minutes to help others."